Towers 3.0

Towers is a fantastic solitaire game developed by Oberon Media
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Towers is a fantastic solitaire game developed by Oberon Media.
This fun and addictive game will take you to different ancient civilizations, like China, Medieval Europe, Rome and more, while offering you and your family long hours of fun to enjoy at your free time.
The objective of the game is to remove all the cards from the board. To do so you have to follow a few steps. There is a deck of cards at the bottom and one of this card is faced-up, if there is one higher or lower than that one in the table, then you click on it and it will be instantly cleared. If there is no other possible move, you press in the deck and another card will appear. You have to be very careful at using the deck cards, and take the most of each one, because once there is no more cards left, the game is over. You will be earning Bonus points if you manage to form large card chains, the larger the chain, the more bonus points you will earn.
Towers is a very entertaining game since, as you advance in the game, it gets really challenging. Every two levels it features a new civilization, with fantastic illustrations of its symbolic places, different card skins, plus a piece of typical music. The graphics are awesome, there are great designs of the different civilizations and the music and sound effects are great as well.
Gameplay is excellent, Towers is definitely a must for all solitaire fans.

Review summary


  • entertaining
  • great graphics and music
  • excellent gameplay


  • demo offers only 60'
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